The SPEED not only speaks to our ultra-efficient manufacturing process which yields rapid turnaround times previously unheard of in our industry, but also to our responsiveness to each and every request. We are committed to promptly providing information, quotes, samples, proofs and ultimately quality products.

This methodology also allows us to be competitive in the quick turn and short run arena. Plastic card buyers who were forced to purchase substandard or surface printed cards because of a price constraint or deadline can now choose our quality laminated plastic cards at a price and turnaround time competitive to alternative methods.

In addition to our responsive approach to SERVICE, we have state of the art tools in place to expedite the flow of information; web enabled order status inquiry and an interactive website with a click-to-talk-now feature that instantly connects you to a SecureID representative during business hours.

The nature of our products emphasizes the relationship aspect of our business. We do not just get the job done but we partner with our customers to develop the best set of SOLUTIONS for each job.

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2, Olawale Daodu Road
(formerly 25-30 Webb Road),
Lagos Nigeria.
+2347098122330, +2348188768587

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