Kofo Akinkugbe, a prize-winning graduate of Mathematics of the University of Lagos, spent 12 years in banking, first at International Merchant Bank (local affiliate of the First National Bank of Chicago) and then as a pioneer staff member of Chartered Bank. During this time, she received the British Government Chevening Scholarship to study for an MBA at the Strathclyde Graduate Business School, Scotland, UK.


Mrs. Kofo Akinkugbe is the founder of Interface Technologies (1998), SecureID Limited (2005) and SecureCard Manufacturing (2012). She currently serves as the Managing Director/CEO of SecureID Group (comprising of SecureID and SecureCard Manufacturing). SecureID is a MasterCard, VISA and Verve certified Smartcard Personalization bureau and digital technology company whilst SecureCard Manufacturing is the first polycarbonate Smartcard manufacturing plant producing high security identity cards and documents for the Banks, Telecoms and Public sectors. Mrs. Akinkugbe is a passionate and bold entrepreneur as both companies are the first of its kind in Africa.


Both companies, recognised and respected in the global Smartcard industry, provide high-end digital security solutions to organisations and governments across Africa and beyond. As a passionate and innovative real sector entrepreneur, Mrs. Akinkugbe has taken both companies through a number of strategic partnerships into the international market by attaining the most pre-requisite International certifications.


She possesses a rare combination of entrepreneurship, manufacturing, personalization & technology acumen and also sits on the board of a number of local and multinational corporate, philanthropic and humanitarian organizations.



She is married with two grown up children.

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