With the constant advancement in skills by fraudsters and the upgrade of technological hardware, operating in the sector requires the highest levels of proficiency to meet up with best practices and stakeholders’ ever growing demands. As E-Payments are majorly transacted through the internet it is important to ensure that smart Card manufacturing follows the highest level of security to avert any attempt at subterfuge or fraudulent practices. This is where SecureID Limited. (SID) and its subsidiary SecureCard Manufacturing Limited (SCM) have achieved milestones to guarantee the efficacy and impenetrability of our Card payment system.

Emphasising the need to constantly be at the cutting-edge of technology, Mrs. Kofo Akinkugbe, Managing Director, SecureID Limited has said that “What has kept our business is innovation; we live on creating new lines. We actually do not have a choice and one of the principles that I work with is to ensure that we never get too comfortable with whatever model we are using. We have always looked at how we can improve; how we can do things better and more securely. And so each process is periodically analysed to assess how the process can be made smoother; how can we do things right the first time? With that in mind, we don’t have a choice but to be innovative.” This objective clearly outlines the constant drive to project a more advanced Card manufacturing system that greatly supports the electronic payment system which is of immense benefit to the growth of the economy in terms of financial inclusion.

With the vision “To be Africa’s undisputed leading provider of world class digital solutions, best suited for emerging markets,” SecureID Limited has invested in the most-advanced security printing machines to produce unique products and services across critical sectors like Payment Cards for the Banking Sector; SIM Cards for the Telecoms Sector and High Security ID documents such as National ID, Health Cards, Voters Cards, Driver’s Licence, Transport cards and Tax Cards for both Public and Special Projects.

SecureCard MANUFACTURING Limited (SCM), a subsidiary of SecureID Limited (SID) operates as an end-to-end smart card manufacturing company and it is the first EMV (MasterCard and Visa) and Verve certified smart card manufacturing plant in Sub-Saharan Africa with a state-of-the-art facility located in Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria. Significantly, it is the first commercially run manufacturing plant in Africa with the ability to manufacture Polycarbonate smart cards for High Security Identity and Government projects. As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of smart cards combined with high security printing in Sub-Saharan Africa, its factory has a potential manufacturing capacity of up to 200 million Smart Cards per year including Contact, Contactless and Dual interface cards.

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